Why Travel with Us?

At Buon Gusto Tours, we understand that your vacation time is precious, so we carefully craft each of our small-group gourmet tours to Italy with you in mind. We know that traveling should be so much more than simply getting from one place to another, more than checking off a list of “must sees.” For us, the journey is part of the experience.

A vacation with Buon Gusto Tours offers the perfect combination of planned time and free time, allowing for guided exploration of the area’s most important historic and archaeological sites as well as free time for personal discovery. Our travel philosophy provides ample opportunity to discern the difference between a macchiato and a capuccino in Siena, to take a hike on an ancient path along the Amalfi Coast and smell the broom and wild rosemary, time to meet a local fisherman in Positano and get his advice on what to order for dinner that evening in the town’s restaurants, or to play a game of bocce with the locals in Cefalu. We approach each and every destination with a respect for its people and its culture, and we hire expert, friendly local guides for their insight and knowledge.

Because of our small, intimate group sizes – never more than 14 guests – we can be flexible and spontaneous and reach certain locations with our small vehicles that larger vehicles and groups can’t. We dine on the freshest regional food of each area, whether it be at a lively trattoria or a Michelin-star restaurant. We sip wonderful locally-produced wines at family-run vineyards. And we stay in top-notch small inns and hotels chosen for their location and character.

When you join us for one of our small-group wine tours, you’ll quickly discover that a Buon Gusto Tours’ vacation isn’t like other tours at all! It’s like traveling with a group of friends but with all the planning taken care of for you! Why not join us today?