What to Expect from Your First Time in Italy

What to Expect from Your First Time in Italy

You’ve heard about the ruins, the sun-soaked beaches, the friendly people, and, of course, the fresh, delicious cuisine, but until you’ve toured the country for yourself, you won’t know the half of it! Coming to Italy is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you’re passionate about Italian culture and cuisine, you will love the culinary tours of Italy that we provide to visitors from around the world.

The Fresh, Hand-Picked Ingredients

When you arrive in the country ready to takeĀ culinary tours of Italy, you will be amazed by how fresh all of the ingredients in Italian food are. All renowned restaurants in Italy get their ingredients from local farmers who have small operations. Because Italian farms have been in the same families for generations, each tomato, basil leaf, sprig of tarragon, or piece of juicy fruit is selected with practiced care. Italian farmers take great pride in their ingredients and the cooks use centuries-old techniques to prepare them. At each stage of Italian cooking, people respect nature that produces the food and work with the ingredients to create beautiful, tasty dishes. Whether you love fresh pizza, pasta, steaks, cheese, or wine, there is a favorite dish for everyone waiting to be discovered.

Time to Savor Quality Food

In Italy, life moves slower so you can savor good food with good people. We think that you will be relaxed and ecstatic when you get away from the busy life and experience what it’s like to taste the flavors of the Italian countryside. What better way to spend a holiday than to eat healthily and deliciously?

You can learn about the great cooking and wine-making traditions of Italy on our tours and bring what you learned back with you. When you come to Italy, you’ll be amazed at how much information you learn and process, as well as just how much you will want to bring home to share with your loved ones.

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