Small Group Tours Are the Best Way to See Italy

Small Group Tours Are the Best Way to See Italy

You’ve decided to fulfill your dream of a vacation in Italy! But there are so many things to see and do that you feel overwhelmed with the idea of planning it all yourself. Guided tours offer a solution, but who wants to be in some big, impersonal group of people? If you’d rather tour Italy in a small group, perhaps even with some close friends who’ve decided to join you on your Italian adventure, consider the advantages of taking a small group tour of Italy.

Greater Access to Sites and Experiences

With a small group tour, you’re able to go beyond the attractions that everyone wants to see. For instance, in a small group, you may be able to visit a restaurant kitchen to watch the magic of a professional Italian chef in action. A large group simply wouldn’t fit into the space and would overwhelm your host; in a small group, you’ll feel more like a friend who’s been invited to share a lovely experience.

Personalized Attention

In a large group, the guide can only handle the big-picture items, such as scheduling tours of major attractions. The itinerary is set ahead of time and there’s no flexibility to change what you plan to do from day to day. If you have a spontaneous idea to visit someplace you just heard about, forget it. But in a small tour, the guide is more of a companion than a people-wrangler. Your concerns and your wishes are attended to, and if your group decides they’d like to change their plans for the next day, that can be accommodated.

Travel with Friends

People love to travel with friends and family, especially on dream tours of faraway lands. Whether you’re traveling with fellow couples for a shared adventure, a bunch of young people venturing out to see the world for the first time, or a group of old and beloved companions, you’ll find the small group tour experience will see to your needs in a personal way. Don’t become just another face in the crowd! Sign up for a small group tour of Italy and experience the gorgeous vistas, beautiful artwork, and delicious food and wine up close and in a relaxed atmosphere. With a small group tour and the sense of shared adventure and terrific times with friends old and new, not to mention surrounding yourself with the joys and beauty of Italy, you’ll be in for a vacation that you’ll never forget!


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