What to Expect on a Culinary Tour of Italy

What to Expect on a Culinary Tour of Italy

Few and far between are those who don’t dream of one day visiting Italy. Its beauty and romance have captured the imagination for centuries. Hollywood has immortalized it as a place of inner contemplation, healing, and a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of North American life. In addition to all of these romantic notions of a country untouched by time, we can add the same culinary accolades as France without all the pretension. As anyone can tell, we love Italy and are always excited to show other people why.

Italian at Heart

While there are certainly many options for tours of Italy, there is no question that touring this amazing country is best done in small groups. For those who fancy themselves foodies, we know that nothing will create a more memorable experience than a tour focusing on Italy’s unique cuisine and wine. Luckily, we specialize in tours that encompass the very heart of Italy: good friends and good food.

Tasting the Sun

Generally, when one thinks of wine, there are 3 places that come to mind: France, California, and Italy. Depending on the vintage, we would certainly argue that Italy has always been and continues to be the world’s top wine producer. Even the grapes are happier in this beautiful environment! When people choose to tour with us, we promise to take them for tastings at the absolute best vineyards and wineries the area has to offer. Whether someone prefers to tour small, family-run wineries or big-name, famous ones, we offer a tour that takes them there.

Tasting the Legacy

Besides taking guests directly to the source of the world’s finest wine, our culinary tours of Italy also offer a chance to enjoy the world’s finest cuisine. Many of our tours offer intimate, hands-on cooking classes with local chefs. Leave all thoughts of Italian chain restaurants behind; authentic Italian cooking, with authentic Italian chefs, featuring ingredients grown in Italian soil, is as close to a transcendent experience as any foodie can get. The tastes, aromas, and beauty of real Italian food served in Italy is something America will never be able to compete with!

Experiencing the History

Finally, no trip to Italy would be complete without a visit to her magnificent historical sites. Whether someone wants to see the historical sites of Rome or prefers to explore the less “touristy” side of Italy, they can find exactly what they’re looking for with culinary tours such as ours.

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