5 Reasons to Book an Italian Culinary Tour

5 Reasons to Book an Italian Culinary Tour

Author Virginia Woolf famously wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  Perhaps, then, Italy’s fine cuisine is the reason the Italian peninsula gave rise to the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, and the art and culture of the Renaissance. At Buon Gusto Tours, we believe visiting Italy is like falling in love, and you’ll fall deeply when you take an Italian Culinary tour with us.

Discovery of Culture through Food

You will find spaghetti with tomato sauce and pizza in every corner of Italy, but there’s more to Italian cuisine than these staples. Italian cuisine varies by region. In Northern Italy, alpine cheeses are common, and risotto and polenta have become staples. Tuscany is famous for its olive oil and bean dishes as well as prosciutto di Parma and spaghetti all Bolognese. In Sicily, tourists revel in seafood and citrus fruit whereas in Sardinia, guests find roasted lamb and suckling pig. Small tour groups will delight in learning how Italian cuisine is flavored by local traditions and customs. From famous Minori lemon cake to Chianti Classico and freshly made mozzarella, Buon Gusto Tour guests will learn about Italy’s culture through some of its remarkable food and aperitifs.

Gastronomic Meals

You may choose a small group tour of Tuscany, for example, where we’ll cook with local chefs learning to recreate a taste of Tuscany at home. Of course, no Tuscan meal is complete without a fine glass of Chianti, Italian wine named for the Chianti countryside. Or, visit charming Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Famous for its azure-blue seas and espresso, guests see how limoncello is made using lemons harvested from nearby trees, sample wines at family-run vineyards and partake in a gourmet meal in Amalfi.

 Visit Markets, Farms, Vineyards and Caseifici

As a part of the culinary experience, guests will have opportunities to cook with local chefs throughout Italy. This will include learning to recreate regional Italian meals at home, and visiting local markets and farms to buy the freshest ingredients. We’ll visit famous and small, local wineries selecting the best bottles to enjoy with our meals, and even learn about the fine art of cheese making.


Meeting Locals

Of course, there’s no better way to experience the secrets of Italy than through its residents. As a Buon Gusto Tours guest, you’ll be treated to exclusive dinners with local chefs and visits to smaller hill towns like San Gimignano and the seaside town of Sorrento. You’ll mix with locals in these Italian villages and be led by a local guide on off-the-beaten path walks of larger cities like Florence.

 Italian History

The peninsula’s food is mired in history and seasoned with regional and provincial flavor.  Italy’s history is deeply intertwined with its culinary traditions. You’ll experience both on the trip of a lifetime when you book an Italian culinary tour with Buon Gusto.


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