3 Reasons to Take a Culinary Tour in Italy

3 Reasons to Take a Culinary Tour in Italy

Traveling with a tour group has developed a negative connotation over the years. Stereotypes of the “ignorant tourist” abound with images of people in khaki shorts and oversized cameras who can’t speak the local language. But things are changing. Tour groups now offer more specialized travel opportunities at a variety of price points. Whether you’re planning your first trip or are a seasoned traveler, there’s a tour out there for you. The culinary tour is just one type that is becoming increasingly popular. Just imagine traveling around Italy tasting local dishes, touring vineyards, and enjoying the best that Italian chefs have to offer. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you should give culinary tours of Italy a chance.

A Set Itinerary

One of the hardest parts of traveling is creating an itinerary, especially if you’re headed to a foreign country. When you are unfamiliar with an area, you don’t know where the most interesting sites are, how to best communicate with the locals, or where to find the best restaurants. With a culinary tour, you’ll stay in vetted hotels and dine at cafes the locals go to. You will also get a more in-depth experience. Your tour guide will be local to the area and can share knowledge about the city you’re staying in, interesting facts about Italian history, and lots of information on the dishes you’re enjoying.

Meet New People

A great aspect of traveling with a tour group is getting to meet new people. Taking a culinary tour gives you the opportunity to make new friends, both with your travel companions and with the locals. Whether you’re on a solo trip or traveling with friends, you’ll get to meet loads of new people. During unscheduled time, you’ll have lots of people to go exploring with.¬†At the very least, there will be someone nearby who can take your picture as you overlook the Italian coast. If you’re lucky, after the tour is over you’ll have a made a friend or two.

Try New Foods

Going on a culinary tour is the perfect way to try a little bit of the best Italy has to offer. From creamy pasta dishes to fresh salads to just-caught fish, there’s bound to be something you haven’t tasted before. Some tours even offer cooking classes taught in some of Italy’s most prestigious restaurants. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new recipe and develop your skills. Plus, how many people can say that they made fresh pasta in Rome?

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your vacation and look into an Italian culinary tour today!

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